Purchasing NFT -
you are getting the real time eco-factory ownership
‘We want to grab the world’s attention to the problem of waste sorting and recycling’
Project creators
Holders of NFT tokens from our collection get a unique possibility to become co-ventures of a waste processing factory.
Every person, who purchased our NFT art will get not only a share in the project, but also receive profits from investments.
To get all the details just contact us via email.
Our digital art is re-enforced by a share in an eco-factory
We are happy to open up ‘how it works’ details to every purchaser or investor individually.
Depending on the income, investments for this project will be used to get facilities for paper recycling.
Purchasing facilities for paper recycling
With smart-contract and legal agreement we guarantee to send part of income for developing companies, which helps to improve ecology, which will lead the collector to earn in the future.
Developing project of separate waste sorting and paper recycling
Our goals
Every NFT art owner gets:
in Fullhd (1920x1080)
Mp4 video
for meta universe optimised for Unreal Engine
in real-time
Share in factory
Idea creators
Couple who develop and promote anti-deterioration environmental solutions.
In less than 9 years Denys’ companies save same amounts of trees which you can find in the biggest park in Kiev - Gryshko National Botanic garden in Kiev
Denis with his team, collecting paper all over the Ukraine
more than 1500 trees saved daily
9 years
successful saving trees and our ecology
12 years
works with digital art
Media artist and mastermind
In 2021 inspired by new possibilities of digital art and idea of saving ecology, became a part of welfare team
Highlights attention of people to waste sorting
with selling pieces of art NFT at worldwide auctions and exhibitions
6 years in photography
in the fashion-industry, worked for New York fashion week show, cooperated with popular American brands «Private policy brand», «Alexander J» etc.
Figure of human-dolphin, represents future races in case of global warming.
If we won’t change our attitude towards nature, soon our world will plunge into the darkness. Global warming will lead to destroying of whole continents. Humanity will loose its usual look.
Our dolphin-human calls on all people to think, stop and help nature to save this beautiful world, which was given to us. Save nature - save yourself!
Significance of the picture
Dolphins are unique creatures by their nature. They are smart, beautiful, but also sinful and dangerous like humans.
With our work we would like to show how far humanity can step in its sins, not thinking about
environment, but also about themselves. The world starts with us.
How to purchase
The artwork is placed at marketplace - Opensea. For authorisation and further cooperation with the platform you will need a crypto wallet. Get more details by the link: support.opensea.io/hc
Exhibition of our works at EXPO 2020
February 1 - March 31
Issuing of 50 NFT figures
March 15
Choosing an object for investments.
Analysis. Trips to the chosen places
Optimisation avatars for Unreal Engine
Final issuing of 50 NFT figures
Optimisation of the first avatars for Unreal Engine
Opensea listing
Issue of NFT
Meetup with the partners.
Coordination and choosing development strategy for the factory.
Purchasing, interest allocation, launch preparations
Every NFT art owner gets meta-avatar and share in waste recycling factory.
If you dont have Ethereum wallet or don’t understand the blockchain technologies, we give you an opportunity to join our project with just one click.
Use the vest way for you.
Meta-avatar is 3D model optimised for integrity in Unreal Engine (4/5), which you will be able to use as your skin in meta-universes.
We take care about our partners and guarantee anonymity and safety of your confidential data.
Purchasing and buying mechanics
What gets NFT owner
Join the project with 1 click
What is meta-avatar
Data safety
For more information contact us:
We are open for collaborations with popular media artists on mutually rewarding terms.
It’s important for us to endorse values with our partners.
We do everything to highlight ecology problems and find solutions.
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